7 Top Free WordPress Plugins

When I design a new website I always go directly to the plugin section and install the Top Free WordPress Plugins. Before I even create a single word of content or a single design point.

Here we go, one at a time. Start installing and activating plugins.

YOAST SEO – Top Free WordPress Plugin

I install Yoast SEO for many reasons. This is likely the most important of the top free WordPress plugins The first reason is that it allow me to set a post featured image for google separate from the social media featured image.

The ideal social media image is 120 x 630 and the ideal google mobile search size is square. Being able to separately deliver featured images depending on the platform is essential. It gives a more professional presence both in the searches and on social media.

Yoast also checks you as you are creating content. As you create your content you are given a readability score and an SEO score.

Creating SEO friendly content and easily readable content becomes so much easier. Yoast has many more features than this but these are the two main ones that interest me.

WordPress Jetpack Plugin

There are a couple of features that I like here. The Jetpack plugin can automatically share your new content on social media. Also the plugin has page speed optimization features that automatically increase the speed of your website.

Jetpack also offers contact form blocks in the editor that make it easy to create beautiful contact forms without the need for extra plugins.

Another cool feature is the social share buttons. You can easily add social share buttons to any page on your website.


Tawk To is an easy to set up and completely free live chat plugin. You can link it to your mobile via an app or you can access the dashboard from browser.

Live Chat will increase conversions on any website Instantly. It is an essential tool and Tawk To offer it completely free.

UpDraftPlus – Top Free WordPress Plugin

This is just as important as any of the other top free WordPress plugins. There is nothing worse than spending days creating your content, only to lose it all with a few mistakes. UpDraftPlus allows you to automatically back up your website and store the backup on cloud storage.

I tend to use the plugin with Google Drive storage. It makes me feel safe knowing that any disasters can be corrected within a few clicks.

Weglot Translation

This is a list of free plugins. Weglot will translate your website into 1 other language up to 2000 words for free. The translated pages are stored as separate pages and show up in search as a different page.

Weglot is very powerful and very valuable. Though if you go over the 2000 words limit, you will be paying 10 Euros a month for it. Plus if you do not want the premium version after 2000 words. All of your translated pages will vanish on deactivation.

This is a slightly risky plugin to use though the benefits can outweigh the risks. That is why I have included it here.

GDRP Cookie Consent

Most parts of the world now require that you get permission to use browser cookies. The person must give express consent.

The GDRP Plugin will add a small popup to the bottom of your website in order for people to accept and you to comply to most countries rules.

OneSignal Push

Any website owner wants people to keep coming back to their site. If you install and setup OneSignal Push notifications plugin, then people will be invited to subscribe to push notifications.

When you create a new web page or blog post, your subscribers will be notified in their browser of on their mobile device notifications.

This is a very powerful tool and it is free to use to a certain point. By the time you reach the free usage limit, you will be seeing so much benefit that you will not mind paying the few dollars to increase the subscriber base.

This is so much easier than email marketing. You do not have to setup complicated thank you pages and offer free things to get signups.

You simply post content and it is automatically broadcast to your subscribers. This is incredible technology.

Free WordPress Plugins Final Words

Finally I would like to add a couple of points. I have included links to the plugins though there is little need. It is easier to search the plugin name from your WordPress site plugin installer and install directly from there.

Also I would like to mention that I only included reference to the features that I look for in the plugins. There are many more features that the plugins include.

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