Average Cost to Maintain a Website

What is the average cost per month to maintain a website.

There are two factors that influence the average cost to maintain a website. What you need from your website? And the amount of input that you personally give.

The first and most basic costs to maintain a website are as follows.

  1. Hosting – Namecheap – $3 per month
  2. Domain Name – .com – $10 per year
  3. SSL Certificate – Basic – Namecheap – $4 per year

With the 3 above components included you can run a website. That`s only about $4 per month. This will involve you doing all of the work yourself from building the website to getting traffic.

Deciding to develop a website with WordPress gains you access to many thousands of free plugins that will give you unlimited features.

You can get free live chat from Tawk.To. Use free search tools like analytics and search console. This will help you understand how your site is seen by the search engines. A website can be maintained on a budget of $50 per year.

Average Cost of Website Design

A small business website design and build package can be ordered for only $300 and that will be enough to give your small business a professional online presence.

The 300 dollar cost is a one off charge and the site is yours for ever. All you will need to do is keep up the domain and hosting payments.

It is possible to have a professionally built website and also keep the Average Cost to Maintain the Website down to less than 30 dollars per month.

Average Cost to Maintain a Website including Search Engine Optimization.

Our yearly search engine optimization package for small business is $997. That works out to about $83 per month. If you include this in to the Average Cost of Maintain the Website then you are now up to nearly $115 per month.

Search engine optimization will ensure that your website gets positioned respectably in the search engines. Good search engine optimization will get paying customers to your site and make you profit. Seeing Search engine optimization as a cost is not really the way forwards.

All costs involved in maintaining a website should be considered as investment if everything is done professionally.

Other Costs That May Be Involved In Maintaining a Website

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising
  2. Premium Plugins
  3. Mailing List Platforms
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Upgrade To Hosting With More Traffic
  6. Video Creation
  7. Mobile App Development
  8. etc etc

The list is endless and you could spend as much money as you wanted without ever running out of things to buy. The fact is that identifying profitable investments and avoiding costly failed investments will keep your maintenance costs down.

We covered the most important elements required to run a successful website at the start of this post. All businesses are different and as you develop your website, you may identify some valuable additional features.

Top Optional Extra Feature

Depending on what exactly it is that you sell, multi language may be a benefit to your business. Mainly if you sell products. There are multiple options for translating your site into multiple languages.

Using one of the more popular plugins called Weglot. You can convert your site into multiple languages. Though depending on how many words you have on your site and how many languages you require. It can cost from 10 Euro to 200 Euros a month.

There is a free version that you may use that translates up to 2000 words into 1 other language.

Having multilingual capabilities can be very profitable. Though it can be very expensive initially.

Average Cost To Maintain A Small Business Website

You really need to be looking at spending between $50 and $100 per month plus advertising. Spending this kind of money will get you a website that is both beautiful and functional. Plus it will also get traffic to your website and increase your customer base.

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