Blog Comment Submission Service

There are 2 advantages to Blog Comment Submissions. The first is direct traffic from that blog. The second is Search Engine Rankings benefits from the backlinks.

Blog commenting has always been one of the best short and long term traffic generation strategies. We can offer between 250 and 6000 Blog Comment Submissions per order.

We only count approved comments and in your delivery report you will receive a list of live blogs that have your accepted comment posted on them.

We only submit comments to blogs with less than 100 outbound links. We also only submit to blogs that are in English.

Choose your package below and order now.

Blog Comment Submissions Service Delivery Times

It can take from 24 hours to 7 days to deliver your order. The larger the order, the longer it will take. We can deliver up to 100k comments approved, though for fast delivery purposes we only offer 6000 per order.

You are welcome to order as many times as you like though please wait for each order to complete before you make the next for the same link.


We do not require any email addresses or comment texts, we have perfect comment texts created by AI and also spun but still in perfect format. after all, blog owners are approving the comments so obviously they are sensible.

We also use disposable email because the email address used to submit the comment has no traffic value at all.

The only thing that we require from you is the link to your website that you would like us to include in the comments.

Alternative To Blog Commenting

Posting comments on blogs “once they are approved” is and always has been, a quality way to increase your search rankings and also get website traffic. We also offer a different service. This other service is very new and exciting. The results have proven to be astronomical.

Website Contact Form Submissions.

We have developed a software that searches out websites based on keywords. The software then identifies the contact us page. After that it will fill in the contact form posting a message about your service.

The contact form submission is very likely to be viewed by the website owner or admin and your message containing your link can be seen by 10000s of people very quickly.

Website contact form submission service is real traffic and very fast. You can use the traffic in any way that you wish.

  1. Promote your products
  2. Build your list
  3. Promote affiliate offers
  4. Promote your blog posts
  5. Ask for backlinks “great SEO”
  6. Promote Fiverr Gigs and auto increase gig search rank

The possibilities only end with your imagination. If you would like to order contact form submissions service then you may do so bu using the form below or you can visit the home page of this site for more info.