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Buy Facebook Page Likes from 100 to 5000. Delivery via Social Media Exchange system and Invites. This is Real Page Likes.

Buy Facebook Page Likes Now…

How We Deliver Facebook Page Likes

As you may have seen mentioned a few times on this website, we own and run a few social media exchange websites. Also we are partners with other social media exchange websites.

We also have multiple Facebook accounts with many 1000s of friends. So we use both methods to deliver.

Initially we use our big accounts to invite many 1000s of people to like your Facebook page. The results are about 2 – 3% success rate.

We also use social media exchange system to get likes for your page. Both systems produce quality results and the results are real.

How To Order

Once you have added your package to your cart. Click on the checkout button and fill in the form. The form gives you the opportunity to submit your Page Link.

Also please give us any information about your order that you want us to know using the order notes space. For example how fast you would like us to deliver etc.

What Happens After You Order

Once you have placed your order and your checkout is successfully completed. We will get a notification to our admin dashboard and we will start work.

Depending on the type of page that you have, you can expect to get results from 250 – 1000 plus likes per day.

Preparing For Your Delivery

Before you order it is advisable to have your page setup and ready to convert likes into sales or website traffic. If you want Page likes to increase Page interaction and activityu then thats fine. But if you are also directing traffic to a website from your page then you should have a few things in place.

Here is a check list

  1. Call To Action Installed and Functional
  2. Website Address Visible In Header Banner
  3. Pinned Post Linking To Your Website

These 3 small points will increase website traffic from your page to your website. These tactics are free to implement and well worth doing.

Buy Facebook Page Likes Now…

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Thank You. I am so happy

5.0 rating
March 27, 2020

I can`t believe that I ordered, I thought I was being silly. Now after the delivery I see that I am really onto something here.


Very Impressed Great Job

5.0 rating
March 26, 2020

Fast delivery and very easy to work with. I have opened an account here now and I am glad that I found you guys.

Andy Barton