Contact Form Submission Service

Killer marketing strategy for any online product or service. Get your message to an insane amount of website/business owners in super quick time using a contact form submission service.

You Only Landed On This Page Because This System Works.

You are currently experiencing proof of concept…..

We sell our own service using ONLY Contact Form Submission, and its the only reason that you are here.

Simple and Easy to Use Contact Form Submission Service

All you need to do is write a message that you would like hundreds of thousands of people to read.

Include a link to your sales page in the contact form submission. This is ideal for…

  • Affiliate marketers “send affiliate links”
  • Selling your own products and services
  • Selling Fiverr Gigs
  • Generating Backlinks to your site “request backlinking arrangements” very powerful technique
  • Getting Video Views “send links to your video”
  • Get page likes “send links to your facebook page”
  • Possibilities are endless

Its just down to your creativity. You do have to be creative “we will help you” but just sending a message saying “like my page” and a link will not work. You need to offer incentive and value. Don`t worry, we will work it out together.

ORDER Contact Form Submission NOW

When you order contact form submission marketing service, you will be asked to fill in a short order form.

Simply enter your name. Your email address for reply mail. Your main email for correspondence with us based on your order and delivery reports. Thats it, so simple

Targeted Form Submissions

Based on your message and link submitted, we will identify the best websites to submit to for conversions. We use keyword targeted potential client identification strategy and only submit to people who are likely to be interested. We are not trying to sell snow to an Eskimo or Rollerblade to old ladies. We are identifying targets with the highest likelihood of being interested in your products and services.

This is not just a random form submission blast, we need you to make sales using our service because we want to keep working with you.

Order now and get the fastest most amazing results that you could ever imagine.

How We Identify Potential Customers For You

We have a lot of experience at this, we are not just blasting a lists of contact forms. We use a seek and target strategy. We can find target customers based on many criteria.

  1. We can use code searches to identify websites that use particular platforms or plugins.
  2. We can identify websites in any niche.
  3. We can identify affiliate websites.
  4. We can identify websites based on location.
  5. We can identify websites in niches and contact them for backlinking arrangements.

Our services are B2B services. One business helping and selling to another.

For example our business is selling leads and your business is making sales. That is why you are here and you are in the right place.

We use our contact form submission strategy to sell services on this website, to sell B2B affiliate products, to target local businesses for one of our CCTV installation companies and to sell website banner design services and web development services from one of our other partner websites.

We also use this strategy for creating back links as part of our SEO packages sold on another website that we own.

This is serious marketing that you will not find anywhere else. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

How We Identify Contact Form Submission Targets

Disclosing this information on a public platform may be a mistake on our part but we need you to understand that we know what we are doing.

So here is an example or how we target websites. First of all, what are we selling?

Lets say we are selling a ClickBank product in the Online Marketing niche. Social Marketing product.

So now what we will do is use a tool called, Its a search engine that searches websites code rather than the visible content.

Now I`m going to download the top 20 social media wordpress plugins to a test site and inspect the code to find out what unique code the plugins add to the site.

Next im going to search for teh code snippets on the publicwww search engine. Now ill end up with a list of 1000s or hundreds of 1000 or even millions of websites that use social media plugins.

These website owners are online, they are actively using social media for traffic and I have a product that will help them.

Next I download the links list and set the bot up to find out the websites contact pages. The bot exports contact pages to a custom file and after a while we will end up with a contact page links list or website owners who are interested in using social media to increase website traffic and promote offers.

Well that`s all nice. So lets go. Now we have the second bot that has been programmed to identify form fields and fill in the forms according to data that we set. Also it has captcha solving integration “from external services”

SO now I give the bot a custom message that the website owner will be sent via the contact form. Explaining to him or her, how we have just found their website while browsing google. I will then explain that I have been using “xxx clickbank product” and I have benefited from incredible results.

I would then include a link to the clickbank product within the message.

Next I would setup a temp email and add that as the bot.

Now I click START and I just sit back and relax. I answer a few emails and watch the sales come in.

Why Did I Tell You

Well basically because I am selling a service here. A service that I believe in because I use it all the time. It has taken me a long time to get the bot to the point that it is at now, It also takes a lot of time to update the bot as people change contact form layouts and such.

When I make a clickbank sale or amazon sale it will take me months to get the payouts. So I sell this service at a reasonable price in order to receive bitcoin payments.

I use the bitcoin payments to pay for proxy servers and captcha breaker services that are used with the bot. I also use the bitcoins to pay the developer for updates. Yeah I make some on top and I am grateful for every customer that I get. All I want is for you to get results from the service and order again.

Did you get this far down the page

Well if you take that much convincing to buy something then massive respect. If you have any doubts or questions then please drop me a line using the contact form or the livechat button.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope that you do actually buy the service. For the benefit of your business and ours.