Facebook Groups Secret Marketing Strategy 2020

We have developed a new Facebook groups marketing strategy for 2020 and we are about to share it here with you today.

First lets think about the factors that inhibit any kind of Facebook marketing with regards to getting traffic from Facebook to your website.

  1. Any posts that include links have limited reach
  2. Post links too many times and get banned
  3. Get your link shared too many times and your site banned.

Enough said. The Facebook Groups Secret Marketing Strategy 2020 takes advantage of Facebook not liking you sharing links unless you are paying them.

Yet think when you are trying to sell a computer or a car in a facebook group, you are allowed to post to hundreds of groups per day, get seen by thousands upon thousands of people every day and facebook has no problem with this,

After realizing this, the answer is simple. Firstly what you need to to do. Go to facebook and search foo “for Sale” groups. There are millions of them. Join about 100 over the next few days. say 2 or 3 per hour when you think of it.

Your Website Link

If you are trying to send people to a page on your site for them to signup or buy something then you link is most likely like this www.yourwebsite.com/yourproduct.

Very long, very ugly and no one will ever remember it.

If you use bitly to shorten it like bit.ly./dR46Hy

Still ugly and no one will ever remember it. But your on the right lines. What you should actually do is go to namecheap, register an account and buy one of those .xyz domain names for just $1. Will be the best dollar you ever spend.

Still You Got To Be Creative

To use the Facebook Groups Secret Marketing Strategy 2020, You need to think of a short catchy domain name that everyone will remember and something that sounds a bit like your own. For instance as one I chose site4u.xyz. Nice and catchy easy to remember but I chose to build a different site on it instead, Either way you get the idea.

Once you have registered your domain name you can set it up to redirect to your original domain or ideally redirect it to the relative sales page of the offer that you are trying to promote.

People Wont Just Click Anything

Now you need to make an offer on that page that people cant say no to and you need to put that offer into such a short amount of space that a genius would be proud of you.

Here is one idea for you. Just an idea.

Lets suppose that your website sells dog food in bags. SO now what you would want to do is create a website banner sized exactly 852x414px in dimensions.

The header of the text would be




VISIT ….collar.xyz

Obviously that just the basic text of the banner. Your lucky. Here I have given you all the tools, software and resources that you need to make killer banners.

Read that page, follow the few instructions and use the free software. After that within 1 hour you will be back here ready to go with your killer ninja banner.

Banner Completed

Now lets assume that you have completed the banner. And you have already joined the groups that we mentioned. Also I repeat again the banner should be 852x414px in dimensions. or else it gets cut off.

Now go to one of the forsales groups that you are a member of and make a post. Set the item for sale as Dog Busiuits or Dog Collar or whatever and FREE.

Set the image as your newly created banner with easy to remember domain name easy to see on the image. Once you click the POST button you will then be given the option to post to more groups that you are a member of that are for sale groups. ” if you do not get this option the try from mobile”

Use this opportunity to post to as many groups as possible before you run out of groups or before facebook says stop.

You should do this 3 times a day and watch the traffic spikes in your traffic stats to find out what post times are best then only post at those times.

This is a killer strategy for making sales using facebook traffic at nearly no cost.

Once you have tried and tested The Facebook Groups Secret Marketing Strategy 2020 out please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. If this does not work for you then please contact me so That I can have a look at exactly what you did and turn it round for you free of changer.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to all of you.

Foot Note

You do not only have to use this strategy for your own products and services, It works wonderfully on affiliate offers and anything at all on the internet. It is just a traffic generation strategy. Your imagination and the sky are the limits.

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