The Secret Mentality Behind A Successful Website

When you are building your website, you should not use ambition to drive your activity. I know that ambition and hard work are the key to success. Just imagine if there was a way to achieve more success from the same ambition and drive by thinking in a different way.

When I create a website I give My self A 1000 Visitor Limit

I convince myself in my head that throughout the life of my website it will only ever get 1000 unique visitors. This helps me mental add a value to each visitor in person.

When I think of one of these 1000 people visiting my site I have many things in mind.

  1. This person will eventually leave the website and never return.
  2. The chances of this person making a transaction on my site are 1 in 100
  3. There are many things that I have/can do for this visitor that they have no idea about.
  4. After the 1000th visitor has left my site, what exactly do I have.

SO What Should I DO

First of all you should present every web page in such a way that the visitor knows that what they have found is what they need, If they can not buy there and then, you must still give them the option and show them the way to buy at a later date.

This can be done using any kind of contact form, any kind of push notification subscription or any kind of opt in form.

Also you can use social plugins inviting the person to follow you on social media.

Content Delivery As Required

If you have a page titled BUY A DOG COLLAR then your web page should right from the top be selling dog collars. Not explaining about colors and sizes. People will work out which color and size that they want and order using your buy buttons.

On a buy page you should always have the buy options at the top. You should not try to collect customer date using popup forms until either other the customer has scrolled right to the bottom of the page and shown no interest in making a purchase or until the customer attempts to leave the page.

Only make data collection a priority after the proposition of making a sale is looking a little low. Nerve interrupt a customers flow while they ire in the buying process.

Using Blog Posts To Presell

A blog post is not the same as a sales page. In a blog post you are effectively giving quality free information related to buying a product, and alternative to a product or methods associated with that product.

In a blog post you should lightly promote your own products with links in the text and also eventually offer a popup opt in form so that users may subscribe to receive more creative ideas to their inbox for free.

A blog post is free help and free solutions to a problem. products pages are more useful premium solutions to the same problem. Posts and sales pages should be used in harmony.

Case Study Example

It is kind of hard to explain, so I will help you here by giving a working example. Firstly I have a blog post about how to create a website banner for free including all tools and tops needed to create a beautiful website banner.

Here is the page Website Banner Design For Free and as you will notice, at the very bottom of the page we have included a sales offer. We 100% delivered on the title of the article and even offered to do the work for you for a small fee. Killer marketing strategy. Give first sell second.

Time To Reverse

Now you have seen the free information blog post on how to make banners for free. including software and technique. You have seen that you can use free information to deliver traffic to a sales page or a sales offer.

Now the free information page has value on 2 levels. One it gives free valuable information to traffic and two it can make money sales.

This is the idea content for signup form incentive. Just imagine that I had 100 pages on this site about designing and making banners, and on each page I added a lightbox popup sign up for. HOW TO CREATE STUNNING WEBSITE BANNERS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE , SOFTWARE INCLUDED.

You would get about a 10% sign up rate and 5% after email verification. so for every 10000 people who visited this website, we would get 1000 optins, 500 confirmed optins and 500 views on the free banner makers page.

2% conversions would get us minimum 10 sales and re marketing would double that over time, plus it would get us more readership on new content.

Another consideration is that we use push notifications. The more people on site, the more push notification signups we get. More long term traffic.

The idea is to give as much value to each reader as possible in the best laid out format possible. Its a win win situation.

You get more traffic and sales and the readers get more free information and more valuable services. Make your website for the reader and not for the money. The money will surely follow.

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