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Website Design For Small Business

The ideal website design for small business must include these 8 key factors. Here they are in no particular order as they are all as important as each other.

  1. Easy on the eye color scheme.
  2. Instantly accessible contact details and features.
  3. Easy to understand description of your products or services.
  4. Customer contact details collection features
  5. Fast loading speeds
  6. Easy to remember website name
  7. Keyword targeted content
  8. Mobile Compatibility

Easy On The Eye Website Color Scheme

It is simple to get this part of the equation right . The answer does not come from your personal preference, it comes from test data. Luckily all of the testing has been done for you.

Before you choose the color of your website design for small business, you should check out a site called alexa. Alexa ranka all of the websites in the world based on their amount of traffic. So the more used a website is, the smaller rank number it has.

Checkout the top 20 websites on alexa and take notice of the most commonly used colors. You will notice that white is very popular for good reason.

Instantly Accessible Contact Details And Features

One of the first things that potential customers should see when they land on your business website are contact details.

In the header of you website you should include a header bar that contains your phone number and email address. This header bar should show on every page.

Secondly you should have a contact us page that appears in the menu on every page and thirdly you should have live chat features.

Other options are Facebook chat, skype details, whatsapp contact details etc. The more ways you have of being contacted, the more contact you will get.

The easier it is for a potential customer to contact you, the more likely they are to use your services. Firstly obviously because they can correspond with you and secondly due to the fact that a site owner who is easy to contact will be more trusted than one who is not.

We are a website designer for small business

I hope that you are enjoying this post so far and I would like to take a moment to offer you our services. We can design and build you a small business website for only $300 for the basic package. SEO is also available. Please check out our website design packages.

Easy To Understand Description Of Your Products or Services.

You must use the first opportunity at the very top of your landing page to let people know exactly what you sell or what you do. You need to let people know in no uncertain terms that they are in the right place.

If someone finds your website because they are looking for an electrician in New York and you are the person for the job. Then you need to let this person know that you are ready willing and able to help them.

Your website design for small business will only be successful if you let people know that they found what they are looking for. If you do not gain the attention of potential customers within a few seconds, they will leave your site and move onto the next very quickly.

Customer Contact Details Collection Features

This is not an essential part of your website though it will help you increase conversions. If you can get contact details of potential customers before they leave your site, then the chances of making the sale are greatly increase.

The first method of gaining access to the customers contact details is already going to be incorporated into your contact functionality. Contact forms, live chat, telephone calls, skype calls or any way that the customer chooses to contact you will get you the contact details.

The other method is to have a subscription form on your site and run a news letter. Offer people the opportunity to sign up to your news letter in return for a free gift or discount or anything that you can offer.

Fast Loading Speeds

When you design your website, it is essential that it loads quickly. If your page loads to slowly then firstly it will be penalized in the search results and secondly people are likely to leave your site rather than wait for it to load.

The main ways to get fast loading are good web hosting and also use small images. Do not have a big high definition header image because this will slow down your site. There are many factors that effect load speed and that is a completely different blog post.

Easy To Remember Website Name

A short and easy to remember website name and domain name will help you get return visitors. If a person can remember the name of yoru website then they can find it again easily.

Secondly if you have a short catchy website name then it will be easier for people to accurately tell their friends where to find you.

Keyword Targeted Content.

You will need to create the content for your website in a way that is easy and pleasing to read. You must also include your keywords in your content so that the search engines know what your site is about.

Search Engine Optimization will get you free traffic from the search engines and also cheaper clicks from paid advertising. We offer a full Search Engine Optimization service as an optional extra with our small business website design packages.

Mobile Compatibility

This is an essential part of any modern website. Most of the potential customers are browsing the web from mobile devices. Your site needs to be mobile optimized so that it shows up perfectly from mobile devices.

Designing the perfect website from your desktop and then discovering that it does not display properly on mobile can be a complete disaster.

From the word go your should check your site from multiple devices.

Hopefully this blog post has helped you decide on some key features of your new website. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any reason. We are here to help.

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